Hosted by Dr. Drew and Bob Forrest

58: Jason Ellis and Katie Gilbert

You Tube celeb and Sirius XM raconteur Jason Ellis (@ellismate) brings his fiancé Katie Gilbert to join Bob and Dr. Drew in discussion about his traumatic life story and recent sobriety. Sponsored by Read More

60: Chris Hoy

On This Life, we dig in with one of the folks that had a profound impact on Bob's life, Chris Hoy, who shares his journey from growing up in the Valley, to running wild in Hollywood, playing a major role in helping Bob finally get sober, touring with the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and launching a fashion craze before settling down to a surfer's life in Bali. This episode is sponsored by Bergamet and The Bicycle Thief "It's Alright" Read More

57: Jack Osbourne

Jack Osbourne of History Channel's “Ozzy & Jack’s World Detour” discusses his success in this life after addiction and growing up in the public eye. Sponsored by Produced by Susan Pinsky Read More
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